Dialogues – διά-λογος – through words


Olena Suslova

On August 11, 1999, when most of Europe was covered by a total solar eclipse, I studied conflict transformation by peaceful means with Johann Galtung, probably the most detailed conflict analyst. It is said that our actions during eclipses determine our future life for a long time. At least that's what happened in my life. I hoped that I would use the acquired knowledge and skills only in conflict prevention, but the war came to my country - the armed aggression of the Russian Federation changed many plans.

The impact of the conflict evokes a desire and need for recovery - whenever this happens. The path to recovery is very important, they are sought in all countries and at all times. There are many paths to the dream.

The regional platform "Women's Dialogues for Peace" goes its own way - from the initiative of bilateral dialogue to the inclusion of countries in the region and those far beyond it; from reflection to concrete actions; from emotional and subconscious to practical activities.

We are starting a series of dialogues on "Women, Peace, Security", where we will talk to women from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Latvia and Lithuania and other countries.

We will prepare questions, and you also have the opportunity to join this process - write questions, the answers to which you are interested to hear.

The dialogues will take place through the zoom platform and will be broadcast on the Facebook page of the Women's Information Consultative Center. We will save the broadcast so that those who will not be able to watch the meeting online will be able to watch it later.

Dialogues will be conducted in English, Russian or Ukrainian, depending on the language used by the interlocutor.

You can send your questions to wicc.1995@gmail.com/