Gender sensitivity in the classroom


Gender sensitivity, like other aspects of teaching peace, tolerance, human rights, democracy, can and should be brought to school with the help of two fundamental approaches - through explanations in special manuals, textbooks, instructions, and also through penetration of topics, ethics and behavior everywhere the whole school experience. Because each discipline and each task provides opportunities for the transfer of concepts, values ​​and practices of gender sensitivity for the formation of society to students. The school itself is a cleft of society and at the same time a laboratory of learning for future participation in larger societies at the local, national and global levels. How can we implement empowerment pedagogy approaches, in the field responsible for gender justice, in specific subjects and lessons?

LANGUAGES: study of different cultures

LITERATURE: an opportunity to learn about values

STORY: consideration of human experience

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND JURISPRUDENCE: learning the norms of gender justice

NATURAL SCIENCES: issues of ethics and responsibility

EXACT SCIENCES: equality statistics

ART: articulating human universality