Scholar of 2020


The Women's Information and Counseling Center annually announces a competition for the Olena Semikolenova Scholarship for Ukrainian researchers for short-term training or research, and other initiatives that will promote the principle of gender equality in Ukrainian society.

This year the competition was announced on May 8 and Marina Pugacheva was chosen as a scholarship holder.

As part of the competition, Marina plans to conduct a security audit of the territories located in the area of ​​anti-terrorist operation / environmental protection (in the south of Donetsk region), taking into account the gender component.

Maryna Pugachova is the head of the Mariupol Women's Association "Berehynia", a member of the NGO "Union of Ukrainian Women", a human rights activist and historian. Professionally involved in the work of the third sector since 2011. Experience of research on democratization, level of discrimination against IDPs in host communities. She is the author of the first study in Ukraine "The level of domestic violence against women living on the line of demarcation during hostilities in eastern Ukraine" (2016), and subsequent studies in 2018 and 2019.

In 2015, she organized the first volunteer center in Mariupol, which worked with IDPs on a case-by-case basis (case managers, lawyers, psychologists), which began in 2016 to provide assistance to residents of settlements located along the demarcation line by visiting offices.

It should be noted that Marina Pugacheva and her team have been conducting such an audit for over a year. Yes, an audit has already been conducted in the villages of Vynohrad, Myrne, Sopino and Grantitne.

As a result of joint actions, the central streets were illuminated, the central streets were restored and the issue of bus service was resolved. According to the recommendations of the NGO "MAH" Berehynia "twice a month in the village council representatives of the patrol police conduct preventive and consulting work.

Information about the initiative read hear.