Scholars of 2020 (winter)


NGO "Women's Information and Counseling Center" selected for the Olena Semikolenova Scholarship for Ukrainian researchers for short-term training or research, other initiatives that will promote the implementation of the principle of gender equality in Ukrainian society.

Scholarships are awarded to:

1. Anna Saitairli
The purpose of the study: To find out the differences between the needs of internally displaced women and local residents of Zaporizhia region


2. Mykhailo Tavshunsky
The purpose of the study: Formation of public opinion on the need to change the text of the National Anthem
so that it becomes gender-neutral.

Thanks to everyone who submitted their suggestions. They are all great, and we believe that you will continue to work in this area.

We heartily congratulate Anna and Mikhail and wish them strength and inspiration to implement such important issues.

Information about the initiative read hear