Scholars of 2021 (winter)


Scholarships are awarded to:

1. Olga Kostina, who plans to study the names of the streets of Kryvyi Rih through a gender prism, and at the same time the dynamics of historical consciousness of the city with emphasis on the extreme example of mass renaming to implement the law "On Condemnation of Communist and National Socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes in Ukraine and a ban on propaganda of their symbols ”.
2. Inna Nalyvayko, who plans to conduct a comprehensive study and identify initiatives and organizations, individual activists and / or activists in Cherkasy region, which promote equal rights and opportunities for men and women

Thanks to everyone who submitted their suggestions. They are all great, and we believe that you will continue to work in this area.
We heartily congratulate Olga and Inna, and wish them strength and inspiration to implement such wonderful initiatives.

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