Survey (combating gender inequality and discrimination)


We invite you to join the survey conducted by scientists Ozden Melis Ulug from Clark University (USA), Maria Chainska from Catholic University (Chile) and Professor Linda Tropp from the University of Massachusetts in Emherst (USA). The aim of this study is to determine what social and psychological factors contribute to women's readiness to socially combat gender inequality and discrimination. In particular, to understand under what socio-psychological conditions women who are witnesses of cases of gender inequality and discrimination in various fields will be willing to actively defend the values ​​of gender equality and which way they will consider the most effective.

The risks associated with this study are minimal. Thinking about some gender issues may be unpleasant for someone, but it is expected that this stress should not be greater than in everyday conversations on these issues.

Your participation in this study is completely voluntary. The questionnaire is anonymous: Your name will not be associated with any of the information you provide during this survey. The data will be marked only with an identification number and will be stored on the computers of researchers who are most securely protected by a password. Please do not add any personally identifiable information in your response to ensure complete anonymity of the survey.

The study does not provide consulting services, and you will not be contacted after its completion. If you feel upset after this survey or realize that some questions or aspects of the study have caused you suffering, talking to a qualified psychologist or social worker can help.

If you feel the need to talk to a mental health professional about any stress you may be experiencing, you can find a qualified person in your area on the La Strada-Ukraine NGO website: https: // la- strada / In case of an emergency, call 102.

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